West History

West High School

Appleton West High School is a member of the Appleton Area School District. The building housing Appleton West High School was originally home to Appleton Senior High School.

From 1915-1938, the school was at a different location. In 1938, the current facility was built. "Appleton Senior High School" is still etched into the front of the building. After Appleton East High School was built, the school was renamed to Appleton West in 1967.

Appleton West has an enrollment of approximately 1,500 students.The mascot of Appleton West is the Terror, a cross between a wolf and a fox, as the school is situated in between the Wolf River and the Fox River.

Notable Alumni

  • Donald Dafoe, transplant surgeon
  • John Bradley, Navy Corpsman, one of six soldiers to raise the flag at Iwo Jima during World War II
  • Brian Butch, 2003 McDonald's All-American basketball player, and former player of the Denver Nuggets
  • Matt Erickson, major league baseball player, current manager of the Wisconsin TimberRattlers
  • William Beverly Murphy, former CEO Campbell Soup Company
  • Daniel J. Piette, 1975, Director of Petroleum Geo-Services, President and CEO of OpenSpirit Corporation
  • David Prosser, Jr., Wisconsin Supreme Court
  • Kathi Seifert, former Executive Vice-President of Kimberly-Clark and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Fox Valley Performing Arts Center