Past Hall of Fame Inductees  

Jesse, Franklin C. Jr.
Class of 1959
After graduating from Appleton High School, Frank received a B.A. degree from Northwestern University and M.B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He currently is a principle of Gray Plant Mooty Law firm in Minneapolis where he chairs the firm’s International Practice Group. Prior to joining the law firm he was Vice-President and Secretary of the Pillsbury Company.

Frank served on President Reagan’s Private Sector Survey On Cost Control (the Grace Commission) and served as a private sector advisor to the United States State Department’s representation to the International Institute for the Unification Of Private Laws (UNIDROIT), Rome, Italy to finalize a model franchise law for worldwide use. He is a contributing author to Guide to International Franchising Arrangements published by UNIDROIT in Rome. Frank has held leadership positions in the International Bar Association and lectured extensively on international trade topics throughout the world. He has taught international law classes as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin, William Mitchell College of Law and the University of Minnesota. Frank is currently a member of the panel of arbitrators of the China International Trade and Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Beijing, China.

In addition to serving on the Board of Director of Integrity Mutual Insurance Company in Appleton since 1969 (Chairman of the Board from 1974 to 2002), Frank currently serves on the Board of Directors of several other corporations.

Inducted May 25, 2005

Johnson, Patricia Riley
Class of 1963
My Appleton roots have served me well and I am very grateful for that foundation. But, there is a big world out there and I’ve learned that learning never stops. Change is the exciting part of life.

Luckily, I found what I love to do early in life.  I loved being the mother of four sons. And, I have loved my career work. The only way to be truly satisfied is to do GREAT work.  And, the only way to do GREAT work is to love what you do.  I love what I do.

When all is said and done, it is people who matter. You can’t take “stuff” with you. Your legacy is what you leave behind. And, helping people maintain their homes is a powerful way to connect with humanity. Rebuilding Together has been my passion and my joy.  

I followed my heart and my journey has been one of great growth and great joy.

Inducted June, 2006

Kaman, Marilyn Justman
Class of 1966
Judge Marilyn (Jesse) Kaman was one of the first American jurists to serve for the United Nations as an international judge abroad. In November, 2002, Judge Kaman went to the war-torn province of Kosovo (Serbia) under the auspices of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to hear cases of war crimes, organized crime, ethnically motivated disputes and trafficking in drugs and human beings.

The U. S. State department’s Head of Mission to Kosovo commanded Judge Kaman’s service in Kosovo as a justice “who put service to country and humanity above personal comfort . . . The United States appreciates her resolve.”

Inducted May 25, 2005

Keller, Ethel
Ethel Courtois married John (Jack) Keller in 1944, and together they founded J. J. Keller and Associates in November 1953.  Ethel served as a member of the Corporation’s board of directors, assistant vice-president, and social services officer. The Keller Foundation was established in 1990 in honor of Ethel’s 70th birthday. Also, the John and Ethel D. Keller Donor Advised Fund was established at the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region in 1994.  As a result, hundreds of nonprofit causes in the Fox Valley have benefited from millions in funding.

Ethel’s legacy lives on in the community. She dedicated her time, talent, and treasure to improving the lives of Children and those whose needs were often ignored. She encouraged others “to brighten the corner of the World where you are.”

Inducted September 2014

Keller, John J.
Class of 1937
Through life including education, military, marriage, professions, industry, social service and the work of founding J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. plus the detail with its Keller Foundation, Ltd. charitable activities, it has been a busy 50 years. Acceptance into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame was appreciated.  With 85 active years on earth, my practical axiom has been to “do more good than harm”.

Inducted June 2004

Kloehn, Ann
Class of 1951
Appleton is my hometown and I have thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful life in the Fox River valley from birth to today. Many of the Appleton School District teachers and staff, mentors, community leaders, parents, husband (Dr. John Kloehn, an Appleton West graduate) and friends take pride in that achievement.  They are the ones who guided my interests and stimulated me to grow into a contributing citizen of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Volunteering and local historic research have been my special interests. Many people have helped me with the different facts related to compiling the story of local schools, companies, churches, clubs, residences, and families. My goal has been to present this information back to the city for all to enjoy.

It has been so rewarding to serve as a volunteer for the Appleton Area Schools since 1955 and to dedicate my time towards youth education. I have been co-chairman of Appleton’s Bicentennial Committee, Post Crescent’s Woman of the Year in 1975, founding member of the Hearthstone House Museum, 2000 Paul Harris Fellow of the Appleton Rotary Club and past coordinator and teacher of the Ann Kloehn Log schoolhouse, now located at the Bubolz Nature Preserve.

Inducted June, 2009

Lamers, Dennis
Class of 1966

President/CEO – McMahon Group

Dedicated to Family Values, Corporate Development, and Community Service

Denny is committed to excellence in public education. He has shown continuous support of Appleton West by giving of his time and talent.  He has been an integral part of many many projects at West that have benefited thousands of students. Denny believes the more knowledge you have helps you in in making better choices in your life. You can’t make good decisions if you don’t have all the information.  “Do the right thing.”

Inducted June, 2007

Landis, Bob
Class of 1958
Bob Landis is an Emmy-award winning cinematographer who has filmed wildlife in Yellowstone for over 40 years - a place dear to his soul. He has filmed and co-produced more than 20 wildlife films, many of which have won awards and aired on television throughout the world.

Bob uses his footage to be a wildlife advocate and protector. His many documentaries always serve to promote an understanding and appreciation of wildlife in the millions of people around the world who have watched his films.

Along with his work as a cinematographer, Bob taught math at Appleton High School for four years, and taught and was head of the math department at Billings Senior High for 24 years.

Inducted September 2014

Lee, Dave
Class of 1965
When our five children were young, we would often read a favorite book to them about a tenacious goat, named Bucky.  Bucky faced many adversities, but “Bucky was Plucky, he kept right on.”  What a simple reminder to never give up when things don’t go our way. Fortunately our kids developed a grit mindset that has served them well in life’s adventures. Grit has also helped me deal with the ups and downs of life.

I value my education at Appleton High and later at Ripon College (Chemistry) and UW-Oshkosh (MBA). A thirty-plus career at Bergstrom Paper/Glatfelter provided personal growth and unlimited challenges, opportunities, and wonderful friendships. A second career at the Paper Discovery Center gave me the chance to share my enthusiasm for paper science and history. Little did I expect that my third ‘career’ would be so fulfilling. The Appleton Noon Lions Club has provided many friendships and service opportunities. We’ve initiated and led Spot Vision screening for 70,000 area students between 2014 and 2021. Serving others has brought me great satisfaction.

Three maxims that have guided me over the years are: Kindness Matters, Be the Difference, and Fall 6 Times/Stand 7. And having a sense of humor had made life more pleasant along the way.

I want to thank my partner-in-life, Sue Lee, for her love and support – indeed she’s the better half in every way !

Inducted October 2022

Locklin, Maurice
Class of 1948
I had an eventful career with a fine company, Corning, and I was fortunate to learn much about many countries. Worldwide people have similar hopes, but their governments’ intentions and/or abilities to facilitate these hopes vary greatly.

My great luck was being born in the United States of America and being brought up in Appleton, an excellent community with outstanding schools. Our class, the class of 1948, was one of the earliest to attend the new Appleton West High, one of the best in Wisconsin.

This building was provided to us during the depression and staffed by remarkable teachers. We graduates are very grateful.

Inducted in June 2010

McGuire, Leland “Mickey”
Class of 1943
Graduate of Illinois State University
Decorated Veteran of World War II
Purple Heart Recipient
Dedicated staff member of the Appleton YMCA for 40 years
Athletic Director
Mickey touched the lives of countless adults and children through his educational and athletic programs

Inducted May, 2000

Maves, Terry
Class of 1964
In the famous movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” George Bailey never left Bedford Falls.  Likewise, local pharmacist Terry Maves has stayed in Appleton his entire life.  As Pharmacy Director for the award winning Touchpoint Healthplan and United Healthcare of Wisconsin, Terry collaborated with physicians, clinics, quality specialists, employers, employees, pharmaceutical companies, state legislators and consumers. His innovative programs improved healthcare outcomes and saved millions of dollars.

Terry served as President and Chairman of the Board of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, was appointed by the governor to the Pharmacy Examining Board and was Innovative Pharmacist of the year in 2000. In 2014 colleagues honored Terry with the Bowl of Hygeia Award, the pharmacy profession’s highest honor in 2011.Terry was recognized as one of nine graduates from the University of Wisconsin who have made a difference in Fox Valley communities. Terry has been a long-standing leader in his church, as president of the congregation, co-chair of the 100th anniversary and a record five-term council member. He was Chairman of the Board of the Fox Cities Community Health Center which provides critical resources to the underserved. He contributed to the innovation of high school education through his work with the Appleton School District Career Academy.

As chairman of the “Class of 1964” reunions, Terry had a dream to raise money for their 50th reunion, resulting in more than $25,000 given in scholarships and student assistance to several 2014 Appleton West graduates. Terry married his high school sweetheart, Mary.  Together they provided foster care to many children and raised five children, all of whom are making a difference in their communities. It is, indeed, “A Wonderful Life”!

Inducted October 2020

Mielke, John E.
Class of 1951
Born into a family of four, enriched by public education and nurtured by a gentle mother and physician father . . .Served in Vietnam, helped establish the cardiovascular program at Appleton Medical Center, and raised six children children . . .Worked on the Appleton Board of Education for a healthier community, and with a warm smile and faith in the future, watched the nurturing and growth of young America.

Inducted May, 2000

Murphy, John B. M.D.
Graduate of Hercules School -1878
Dr. Murphy was a professor and surgeon at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago. He was well known throughout the world for having perfected many surgeries in the areas of vascular, pulmonary and bone. His two greatest contributions to medicine were his understanding of the need, and then perfection of appendicitis surgery, as well as the development of the “Murphy Button”, still used in medical procedures.

Inducted June, 2008

Morgan, Carrie E.
Appleton Ward School Graduate – 1882
Carrie Morgan was Superintendent of Appleton Public Schools from 1894-1924.  She served as Assistant  Superintendent, Purchasing Agent, and Secretary of the School Board from 1925-1938. Ms. Morgan’s contributions to the district include: formation of a kindergarten program, the construction of three junior high schools, and a school for deaf and handicap students. In 1925, following years of preparation and promotion by Carrie Morgan, Appleton approved not only junior highs but a whole new governing structure for the schools. The Appleton public schools were reorganized under a single district with one freshly elected school board to govern all the former first, second, third, and fourth district schools.

In 1904, Appleton High School (Morgan Building – named in her honor) was the first all city school.  She is supposed to have been the responsible party who chose orange and blue as the school colors for Appleton High School.

Inducted June, 2006

Mueller, George P.
Class of 1939
A local man, raised and educated in the Fox Valley, I worked all my life in the paper industry. My successes here enabled me gratefully to give back time and financial support to local as well as national business and non-business  organizations. My way of saying “thank you” to so many people who’ve helped me. My co-founding of the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame, and serving as the chair since its founding in 1992 demonstrate my “passion” for the paper industry.

Inducted May 25, 2005

Mullen, John E.
Class of 1956
John Mullen currently is Senior Advisor at McLarty Associates, an international strategic advisory firm in Washington, D.C and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University teaching a course on Asia Pacific trade and economic integration. With degrees in economics from the University of Wisconsin Madison and law from Harvard (JD) and the University of Chicago (MCL), John’s career has spanned law, government, international business, finance, trade, and investment.

After private practice in Chicago and two years study of comparative law at Chicago Law School and the University of Munich he held high-level positions at USAID, including Acting General Counsel and Assistant Administrator for Private Enterprise. For a year he was Special Assistant to Secretary of State Eagleburger for the reform and restructuring of U.S. programs for developing countries. John achieved the highest rank of Senior Executive Service and highest government honor – Presidential Rank Distinguished Service Award – awarded by President George H. W. Bush.

After leaving government, John became the first President/CEO of a $50 million venture fund for Romania, of Counsel to a Minneapolis law firm, and founding partner of an international financial advisory firm.  For his work as President/CEO of the US-New Zealand Council, the New Zealand Order of Merit Officer (ONZM) Minister John Key.  He helped establish and is Counsel Emeritus to the American Council on Renewable Energy(ACORE) and is a board member of the CEELI (Central European & Eurasian Las Initiative) Institute, Prague.

John and Gwen, his wife of 53 years, live in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia.  Their two married children and four grandchildren live in Alexandria and Richmond.

Inducted September 2017

Murphy, William Beverly
Class of 1924
William Beverly Murphy was a U.S. food businessman.  After receiving a chemical engineering degree at the University of Wisconsin, he joined A.C. Nielsen Company of Chicago and rose to the position of executive vice president. He was credited with conceiving the idea for the Nielsen Food Index and Nielsen Drug Index Service. He then joined Campbell Soup in 1938 as Assistant to General Manager. He was elected executive vice president of Campbell Soup in 1949 and was president and CEO from 1953 to 1972.

While at Campbell Soup Company he took the corporation public and increased its brand portfolio to include Pepperidge Farm breads, cookies, and crackers, Franco-American gravies and pastas, V8 juice(vegetable), Swanson broths, and Godiva (chocolate). In addition to serving on several government advisory panels, Mr. Murphy was a director of companies including AT&T, Merck & Co., and International Paper. He also served as national chairman of the board of trustees of the Nutrition Foundation in 1964-65.

Inducted October 2013

Nienhaus, Mary Beth
Mary Beth Nienhaus is a graduate of St. Mary Central High School in Menasha, has a Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University, and a Master's Degree from  Illinois State University. For 33 years Nienhaus educated young men and women at Kaukauna High School, Illinois State University, and Appleton West High School. During her time at Appleton West, Nienhaus coached golf, basketball, volleyball, track, and cheerleading. Nienhaus’ student-athletes found great success on the golf course and basketball court.  Her teams collected multiple Fox Valley Association and WIAA Regional, Sectional and State Championships with the Terrors.

Mary Beth is an accomplished golfer herself winning multiple state titles. In 1964, she was the first woman to compete on any intercollegiate team at Marquette University and went on to participate in the National Intercollegiate Tournament. For over 40 years Nienhaus was involved with Winagamie Golf Course in Neenah as Manager, Instructor, Golf Professional, and Owner. She was recognized by the LPGA as National coach of the Year in 1987 and Midwest Professional of the Year in 1992.

Mary Beth is a generous philanthropist and active volunteer. She has been involved with and supported over  20 different non-profit organizations in the Fox Cities, serving as a Board Member and Board President for many of those organizations. Nienhaus has participated in 15  mission trips to third world countries and an additional 25 missions around the United States.

Nienhaus has been enshrined in four Hall of Fames (St. Mary Central High School, Wisconsin State Golf Association, Wisconsin High School Basketball Coaches Association, and Wisconsin High School Golf Coaches Association). Mary Beth is a strong believer in honesty, hard work, dedication to Christian beliefs, and giving back to the community.

Inducted October 2020

Norman, Patricia “Shag”
Class of 1961
Undergraduate and graduate work reinforced her belief in the critical need for high quality care and education for young children. She held many positions in the early care and education field, culminating in her work as a teacher educator. As a teacher educator, she is committed to the promotion of equity for members of the early childhood workforce. 

Shaped by her participation in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s, her particular passion has been for children of color and those with disabilities. She has written and taught widely about them, their families, their education, and their rights as full members of a diverse society.

Inducted June, 2003

Ogilvie, Douglas A.
Class of 1937
Strong Believer in Builder of Strong Family, Community, Corporate Opportunities by Christian Beliefs and Hard Work. Resulting in Successful Company and family.

Inducted June 6, 2002

Piette, Carol Ann – Sister Carla
Class of 1957
As a member of the Maryknoll Sisters, Carol Piette (Sister Carla) dedicated her life to serving the poor and marginalized, first in Chile from 1964 to 1979 and then in El Salvador.  Her sensitive, compassionate commitment to the poor was extraordinary, as was her radical commitment to her own poverty. She kept almost no personal possessions.

In her early years in Chile, she taught young school children. Later, during Chile’s military dictatorship, she chose to live among impoverished families of a Santiago shantytown. She worked tirelessly to help her neighbors survive, created a daily lunch program for the youngest malnourished children, and often lightened spirits through her exuberant, zany humor and talent for clowning. In March, 1980 she moved to El Salvador, where she risked her life delivering goods and emergency supplies to poor women and children, victims of Salvador’s brutal civil war, and driving them to places of safety.

She died on August 23, 1980, swept away by a flash flood. Her last act, emblematic of her life – was to save someone else. The Salvadoran people named Carla "Angel of Charity”. Each year local villagers gather in her memory at the river where she died. Carla would not care about plaques and awards.  She would care only that her concern for those in need might inspire the rest of us.

Vessel of Clay, a tribute to Carla’s life of service, was published by Scranton Press in 2010. A Spanish edition “Aqui Quiero Estar” was published in Santiago, Chile, in 2012.

Inducted September 2014

Prosser, David T.
Class of 1961
Seeking and holding public office is the most challenging form of public service. The exhilarating highs that come from election victories and success on issues are often accompanied by disappointment from setback, rejection, and inevitable misjudgements. Elective office is never smooth because it is impossible to please everyone.

In our system, the privilege of making public policy requires the consent of the people. I have been blessed for three decades to represent my community and state in positions of responsibility, including the legislature and supreme court. The people have given me an exciting and rewarding life, with happiness far exceeding disappointment. I am very grateful for this opportunity and have tried to repay public trust with a positive vision and my best effort.

Inducted May 25, 2005