Terror Phone/Electronic Expectations

Terror Phone/Electronic Expectations
Posted on 07/17/2023

Each of the traditional high schools, North, East and West (and charter schools on those campuses), will be implementing a new phone and electronics practice this school year.  

It has become evident that cell phones and electronics are negatively affecting many of our student’s opportunities to be fully engaged and learn during class time. Each time a student takes a break to check their phone, it is similar to a computer taking time to reboot. Students are struggling to fully connect and engage in both the academic and social aspects of classroom learning. 

Our staff at Appleton West love our students enough to want to provide the best possible learning opportunities every day, which is why we are asking that you partner with us to help your student be successful in the classroom by supporting this improved phone and electronics practice. Phone use will remain acceptable during passing time, as well as during your student’s scheduled lunch period and study hall. 

Terror Phone/Electronic Expectations

  • Phones must be put away during class time
  • Earbuds or headphones are put away during Instructional and group work time.  Teacher may grant permission for earbuds/headphones during independent work time to be used with their district issued Chromebook.
  • Storage
  • Use the phone holders (located near the teacher instruction space)
  •  Keep stored away in your backpack or locker
  • Phones are to be left in the classroom when using a hall pass
  •   Use the phone holders (located near the teacher instruction space)
  • Keep stored away in your backpack or locker
  • Chromebooks are to be used for Instructional purposes only as directed by the teacher. 
  • No phones in the restrooms or locker rooms in accordance with State Statutes and our school handbook.
  • Phones are to be stored in your backpack or moved to the phone holder (located near the teachers instructional space) during restroom breaks. 

Supportive Consequences for Cell Phone and Electronic Violations:

Violation 1- Violator will keep cell phone in the phone caddy for the entirety of the class. Teacher will call home. 

Violation 2- Office Discipline Referral will be submitted by the teacher. Teacher will call home again. As a courtesy the Student Services team may call home to ask for your help.

Violation 3- Office Discipline Referral and guardian and student conference with a Student Services team member to create a plan for the student’s phone. This may include keeping the phone at home or storing it in the Student Services office each day for the entirety of the day for a stipulated amount of time.

Phone will be held in the office until the end of the day each day until the conference is held and a plan is created.