Transcript Requests

Currently enrolled students or alumni of Appleton West High School, Renaissance School for the Arts, or Appleton Technical Academy must submit a transcript request each time you would like a transcript sent.

Please use this Google Form for Transcript Requests. 
(Hover and click on the words Google Form to launch form. Then submit payment.)

You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been processed.

  • Please complete the Google form only once for each entry to a College/University where you would like your records sent.
  • Do not include multiple colleges/universities on the same form. One completed form for each college/university.
  • There is a fee payable for transcript processing. See “Fees”, below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Appleton West Counseling department secretary at (920) 832-4120.

College and Universities accept mid-year transcripts for review and completion of the admissions process. Mid-year transcripts can be emailed by Appleton West HS through a non-secure site to the College/University you have requested. 

Final year-end 8-semester transcripts must be submitted to the College/University with the Appleton West High School seal and signature through a secure site. At this time, year-end transcripts are mailed via USPS to the school(s) you have requested. Final transcripts are normally available the first week of July after graduation. It can take up to three weeks for a college or university to upload a final transcript to your student profile. 

Example: You have requested your mid-year transcript be sent to Awesome College in November for processing of your enrollment application. You have been accepted to Awesome College and they need you to send your final year-end transcript. You need to submit a second request via the Google form to have your final transcripts sent by Appleton West to Awesome College. You will receive an email confirmation from Appleton West when your request has been processed. A minimum of 3-4 weeks pass and you see that your student profile still has not been updated with receipt of your transcript from WHS. Please do not submit a second request to WHS for the same university and same documentation. Refer to your confirmation email from WHS as to the date your request was processed and contact the university admissions and/or counselor to see if they have received it.  This may require an actual phone call to them. In most cases, your transcript has been received and your profile has not been updated.

ACT Scores
ACT Scores are not sent automatically to your college/university. Students need to make the selection to have them sent from the drop down on the Google transcript request form.

For those students who have already taken the ACT, you have the ability to login to your CollegeBoard account and request to have the exam results sent using the college code for the university of your choice.

For students preparing to take the ACT, enter the college codes when you register for the exam so that your scores are automatically sent to the university/college of your choice directly from the College Board. This will speed-up the process and avoid any delays.

Be sure to keep your College Board login information for the ACT in a safe place for future reference. Appleton WHS does not have access to your College Board account and does not always receive your ACT test scores. You will need this information to access your scores most efficiently.


  • Currently enrolled students, transcript fees are $5 per year (September 1 - August 31) total for all the transcripts you request.
  • Alumnus, the fee is $5 per transcript request.

Example: Juniors requesting a transcript would pay $5 junior year and $5 senior year. 

To submit transcript fees, please send a check payable to AWHS (Appleton West High School) for $5 to:  
Appleton West High School - Transcript Requests
Counseling Department
610 N. Badger Avenue
Appleton, WI 54914