West Business Advisory Team

The West Business Advisory Team provides an essential bridge between our schools and the workplace.

Team members collaborate with our educators to inform curricula, help organize career-based learning activities, and ensure our students have experiential opportunities to support their Academic and Career Planning and better understand the multiple pathways to prosperity.

The advisory teams give students the opportunity to build relationships with mentors early and learn from successful adults.

Benefits for Students
Nearly every student has a time when they wonder about their future and how what they are doing in school will benefit their future. It’s the rare student who is absolutely sure of what they want to be and the pathway they need to follow in order to realize their dream. Career-based learning provides benefits that 
  • Find a career(s) that fits my interests and talents 
  • Explore through different career-oriented experiences 
  • See a clear connection between what I’m learning in school and what I’ll need to pursue my career - answer the question, “Why do I have to learn this?”
  • Engage in hands-on learning to connect my classroom learning with the real world 
  • Choose the best courses of study that relate to my career goals 
  • Develop job skills relevant to future my employment
  • I’ll learn how to apply knowledge to real life situations 
  • Be motivated to take responsibility for my own career development and learning
  • Have goals for continued education and future employment
  • As a disabled youth I can acquire higher-paying jobs

Benefits to Businesses 
The active involvement of business helps create win-win opportunities for business, students, teachers, and the community. Such involvement leads to renewed interest in and opportunities for professional development of all staff, and benefit from the creative, high-energy spirit that students bring to the workplace.  

  • Achievement-oriented students 
  • Positive positioning of your company with school/students 
  • Community name recognition and goodwill; positive PR 
  • Long-term workforce development 
  • Reduced recruiting and training costs 
  • Increased professional development of regular staff 
  • Increased employee loyalty 
  • Understanding of generational impact on company 
  • Influence the shaping of curricula to meet employment needs.
  • Teacher as “supervisor” and intermediary 
  • Direct line of communication to teachers and parents of students for recruitment