Nomination Process

The Appleton High School (West) Hall of Fame honors outstanding Appleton High School and Appleton High School (West) alumni and staff who, through their achievements, have brought honor to themselves, to their school, and to their community.

  • Candidate must have attended Appleton High School, Appleton West, Hercules School, or Ryan School at least 20 years prior to nomination.
  • Or the candidate must have given at least 20 years of meaningful service to Appleton High School or Appleton West and have been retired as a staff member for at least 5 years.
  • Candidate must have shown evidence of outstanding civic achievement and/or outstanding post-high school academic or professional accomplishment.

Nomination Process
This is not an annual event. Instead, an induction ceremony takes place once we've assembled a suitable list of candidates. There is no specific deadline for submissions; we maintain a record of past applicants. To communicate the nominee's selection, we first notify the individual who submitted the nomination. Subsequently, both the nominator and the nominee are informed of the decision.