Parking Permits

Parking Permits and Information

Students that drive to West will have two options for parking; use the student parking lot, or park on the streets that border West property, which are Badger and Winnebago. The lot, with capacity for 350 cars, is a 4 1⁄2 minute walk to the front doors of West and students will be able to get their own personal space if they would like.

Students have two (2) options for parking

1. Parking on Winnebago Street (approximately 100 spots) or Badger Avenue (approximately 35 spots)

2. Parking in the student lot on the corner of Linwood Avenue and Winnebago Street. This lot has 350 available spaces.

Two (2) hour parking in the neighborhood area is restricted and students will not be allowed to leave school to move vehicles. All traffic regulations must be obeyed.

All parking spaces in the Staff Parking Lot and behind the building are assigned to school personnel. Violators may be ticketed by the Appleton Police Department.

Parking Restrictions

Please be reminded that the city has restricted parking around West. There are many “No Parking” signs posted on the streets surrounding the school. As a result of these restrictions, most of the streets around school now have parking on only one side of the street.

These restrictions are in effect from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Therefore, we would encourage students not to drive to school unless it is necessary. Carpooling should be considered whenever possible. Please also be aware of the following parking restrictions:

  • “No Parking”. Never leave a car unattended in a no parking zone. You can drop off or pick up a student in these areas as long as you are there for a limited period of time and do not leave your car unattended.

  • “No Stopping, Standing, Parking - Except for Buses on School Days.” These areas are for buses only. Do not pull into these areas even for a moment or YOU WILL BE TICKETED.

Behaviors in the neighborhood such as littering, loitering, unsafe driving, or inappropriate language will not be tolerated. If we expect to maintain the parking privileges we presently have, student behaviors, as they relate to our neighbors, must be appropriate at all times. In addition, please remember:

  • Cars and motor bikes are never to be parked behind the auditorium on the northeast side of the school.

  • All parking spaces in the parking lot are assigned to the staff. No students will be allowed to park in the parking lot. Any student parking in this lot will be ticketed by the Appleton Police Department and/or towed at the car owner’s expense.
  • Any vehicle brought to school, once parked, is to remain alone and untouched until the time it is moved by its owner at lunch time, for an appointment, or at the end of the school day.

At no time during the school day are there to be students sitting on, sitting in, or congregated around parked vehicles. Violators of this policy will be prohibited from bringing cars to school, thus making available much needed space for other students who are willing to cooperate in this respect.