Message to 2020 Seniors & Families

Message to 2020 Seniors & Families
Posted on 07/22/2020

Class of 2020: Given that we are not able to have the opportunity for a face to face graduation as we originally hoped to do August 3, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to take photographs on stage as you might have in a face to face ceremony.  

 Because Covid cases continue to rise in Appleton, it will be important that you follow these guidelines so we can assure your safety and the safety of our staff.

 Signing up:  You will sign up for a time using, the online parent teacher conferencing scheduler we use for conferences during the year. (If there are no spots left, please email me at and we will add more times). Once you sign up, you will need to stick to your allotted time. Time will be limited to 5 minutes.

  • Come in your cap and gown for the actual photo.
  • Wear a mask.  You may remove your mask for the photo.
  • Limit those in your photo party to immediate family. 
  • Someone from your party needs to take the photo.  
  • Stay on schedule.  We will do some sanitizing between families, but we also recommend that you wash your hands as you leave.  Hand sanitizer will be provided.  
  • Enter through the designated area and leave through the designated area.  
  • Once you leave the stage area, please leave the campus.  We do not want too many people in one area.  
  • Abide by social distancing recommendations of keeping at least six feet of distance from non-family members.  

 Please note, we will continue to work to find a time where you may celebrate with your classmates.  As the pandemic continues to evolve, we are uncertain what this may look like, but please be assured that we are committed to finding a time where you and your classmates can come together for closure.  In the meantime, we hope that you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and create some memories with these photos.  

 Finally, a word from your Post-Grad Party planners on how you can still get great prizes that our parents worked hard to get for you:

 In years past there has been a Post-Grad Party for the students after graduation.  At this event there are graduate t-shirts and prizes handed out to students who attend this event.  The cost of these items are covered through various fundraisers that an AW parent group organizes.  Most students have already received their t-shirts, but not any of the prizes due to the cancellation of in-person graduation.  

 As members of the Post Grad Party parent group, we would like to offer times for picking a prize during the Graduation Photo Op on Monday and Tuesday, August 3 & 4.  Times for both days will be between 1-3:30 and 4:30-6:30pm.  Students that are signed up for the photo op will do their photo op first and then proceed to the foyer area of the auditorium to gain access to picking a prize.  At that point, students will receive a random playing card that will then allow them to pick from that matching card area.  Prizes will be split between the two days so all students will have an opportunity to receive a fantastic prize.  Examples of prizes are:  futons, fridges, tvs, speakers, blankets, chargers, hammocks, pillow backrests, storage cubes, mattress toppers, electronics, household appliances, gift cards and so much more!  All prizes are valued at $20 or more!

If your student is not interested in the photo op but would like to pick a prize please come during the above times to the side door of the auditorium and check in with the parent volunteer and they will point you in the one way direction to receive your prize when there is space.  

 Please be respectful of all by social distancing and wearing a face mask.