Coming Soon: Free Student & Staff COVID Testing

Coming Soon: Free Student & Staff COVID Testing
Posted on 09/24/2021
As part of the Appleton Area School District’s layered mitigation strategies to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our school open for in-person learning, we are offering a free COVID-19 testing program for our students and staff. 

We are partnering with Novir, a diagnostic biotechnology company that was connected to the AASD through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Providing testing opportunities will help protect our students, staff, family members from COVID-19. 

Who will be tested? 

Currently, PCR testing will be offered to symptomatic students and staff, even if they are vaccinated.  

How is the testing done? 

This COVID-19 testing is free. Members of Novir staff will oversee testing with a PCR test, which includes gently swabbing the inner part of the lower nostril. This test is not painful. They do not use the longer swabs that reach higher into the nose.

Where and when is the testing done? 

If a student becomes symptomatic during the day, a point person in our school office will reach out to Novir staff. If consent has been provided, a Novir staff member will travel to the school and complete the test before the student heads home with a parent or guardian.  

If a student becomes symptomatic overnight, families will have the option to bring their child to the AASD Welcome Center (2701 N. Oneida Street) where a Novir staff member will come to their vehicle to administer the test. Designated hours for this option will be shared in the near future.

4K community partner site families will also use this drive-up testing at the AASD Welcome Center (2701 N. Oneida Street).     

What is the turnaround time for results?

Novir has informed us that test results will be turned around within 24-48 hours. 

How do I register and provide consent for my child?

To register and provide consent for your child, please visit  and click the Sign-Up link, fill in the requested information, agree to the consent terms, and respond to some recent health questions. There will be a few different screens and you will get a "Success" pop-up once you finish the registration process.  

The last question on the first page will ask for your Organization Code. The code is unique to each school, please ensure you enter the code for the school your student attends. The code for West High School/Appleton Technical Academy is 6109.

Parents/Guardians, please register with your name and contact information first and then click the + Add a Household Member link to register all of your students. This will ensure you are notified when their results are entered.

Registration is required for Novir, on behalf of AASD, to test your child if they show symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 while in school.  

We are extremely grateful to our committed families and staff who continue to show great flexibility and resilience as we work together to contain the spread of this virus. 

To read the full letter with more details as well as Frequently Asked Questions, please click here: West COVID Testing Letter