AP Exam Registration

AP Exam Registration
Posted on 10/03/2022
Here is the information and steps in the AP Exam Fall Registration and Sign Up Process:

STEP 1 - AP Exam Registration - All Appleton West AP students register with College Board to be eligible to take their AP Exam(s) and have access to AP Resources. (This step is being completed in class)

STEP 2 - AP Exam Sign Up & Payment - Due by October 14th

To sign up for your AP exam(s) please complete this Google Form, which will indicate which exams you intend to take in the Spring.

Here is the 2023 AP Exam Schedule

Any student who qualifies and wants to submit for testing accommodations, must notify their Appleton West Case Manager by January 6th, 2023. 

STEP 3 - AP Exam Payment - Due by October 14th

All AP Exams are $97 per exam

Exam Refund Requests after 10/14 will incur a $40 cancellation fee until 03/15/23 after which time no refunds can be made. Exam Refund Requests can be made to [email protected]

Payment can be made online via Infinite Campus fees; via US mail sent to Appleton West; or in-person (cash or check) in our Business Office. 

Students/Families who qualify for free/reduced lunch will have their AP Exam fee paid by AASD

You must have filled out the Free and Reduced application as well as the “Sharing Information” document found on the linked website or accessible through your Infinite Campus parent portal. 

After October 14th students who receive fee waivers are REQUIRED to take the test(s) they signed up for - or will have to pay for them.

Students can only receive fee waivers for those AP Exams of AP classes they took within AASD

**Again AP Exam Sign Up and Exam Payment are both due by Thursday, October 14th.**

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Didreckson, Associate Principal, at 832-6219 or [email protected]