Updated Masking Expectations

The AASD has implemented a mask mandate that will take effect on Wednesday, August 25. The purpose of this communication is to clearly define the expectations of the mandate.

Please do not hesitate to call your building Athletic Director if you need more clarification. The mandate will be revisited at the end of September.

What does the mandate require in terms of wearing masks on AASD indoor property?
Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic in the last several weeks, including the rapid spread of the new Delta Variant, AASD is requiring masks/face coverings for all students, EC-12, all district staff, and all visitors while indoors within district facilities and while on district transportation.

Do student-athletes need to wear face masks on AASD campuses? 
Yes, but only indoors and may remove them outside the building.

Do masks need to be worn by those actively involved in exertion activity (games, warm up, practices)? 
In the sport of volleyball, masks will be worn by all student-athletes regardless if they are actively participating or on the sideline. In the sport of swimming & diving, students may remove the mask prior to their race/event and put them back on in a reasonable amount of time at the conclusion of their race. Those not immediately competing must be masked until the start of their race. (Open gyms, team meetings, out-of-season workouts of any kind are all under the same expectations)

Do coaches, officials, game workers and spectators need to wear face masks on AASD campuses? 
Yes, but only indoors and may remove them outside the building.

When a spectator, coach, and/or visiting team comes to an AASD indoor campus site, do they need to wear a mask?
Yes, to enter the building and for the duration of their time in the building, they must wear a mask at all times.

When an AASD athletic team goes to another district for competition and that district does not mandate mask wearing indoors, can the AASD athletic team also not wear a mask indoors? 
AASD spectators, student-athletes, and coaches will comply with that district’s mitigation policies. So, yes, masking would be optional in that circumstance.

Do AASD coaches and student-athletes need to wear masks on busses or other school provided transportation? 
Yes, but masks may be removed one they are off the bus.

What if someone refuses to wear a mask as mandated by AASD? 
Each person will be reminded of the AASD masking policy. Those not wearing a mask or wearing a mask appropriately will be asked to comply. If a person still refuses to comply they will be asked to leave the facility. Refusal to leave may result in a stoppage of the event. 

What does it mean to wear a mask appropriately? 
A person's nose, mouth and chin are covered completely. See below. 

Proper Mask Wearing