Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Virtual Graduation Ceremony
Posted on 05/27/2020

The 81st Commencement of Appleton West High School will be released as a YouTube premiere at precisely 6:30pm on May 28th. 

Link to YouTube Premiere: 2020 Virtual Graduation

Although a virtual ceremony is not the graduation ceremony we hoped for on May 28th, it is the one we have, and we want it to be as special as possible.  We are confident that we will have a unique, engaging, and memorable virtual ceremony that you will be able to show your children and their children one day, with pride.  Although we hold hope that you will get a face-to-face graduation on August 3rd, we are putting our best effort into this virtual celebration. 

As this will be premiered on YouTube, you have the ability to watch this from your Smart TV as opposed to a Chromebook or personal device. We hope that you are able to gather with family at the time of the premiere, but we also recognize that you may not be able to be with family members at that time due to issues which have arisen from the pandemic. Following the premiere, the graduation celebration will continue to be on YouTube for you to access and share whenever you want to watch it. 

Link to YouTube Premiere: 2020 Virtual Graduation