Bullying Procedure

All school members and school officials who observe or become aware of acts of bullying are required to report these acts to the building administrator/designee. Any other person, including a student who is either a victim of the bullying or is aware of the bullying or any other concerned individual, is encouraged to report the conduct to the building administrator/designee.

Reports of bullying may be made verbally or in writing and may be made confidentially. All such reports, whether verbal or in writing, will be taken seriously and a clear account of the incident is to be documented. The Bullying Behavior Report Form will be used for written reporting.

To report an incident of bullying behavior, please click on the Tip Line below.

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Reporting Procedures

If bullying or harassment occurs, students are encouraged to take the following steps:

1. Clearly say “stop” to the person whose behavior is unwanted and report to a trusted adult.

2. Speak with a trusted adult at school, such as a teacher or counselor, social worker, psychologist, nurse teacher, or administrator.

3. When reporting to an adult, include the following information:
a. The name of the person and specific unwanted behavior
b. Describe the nature of the bullying or harassment
c. Give the date(s) of the event
d. Tell briefly what happened and note all incidents of bullying or harassment that may have taken place.

4. A building administrator/designee may make an appropriate person(s) aware of the situation to discuss the case and determine the follow-up. All efforts will be made to handle the situation in a discreet manner and maintain appropriate confidentiality. The building administrator/designee will also inform students of the prohibition against retaliating against another student for reporting an incident.

5. Any employee who witnesses bullying between students must intervene by giving a verbal warning. In some cases it may be necessary to provide a report of bullying incidents to a building administrator/designee.

6. There shall be no retaliation against individuals making such reports. Individuals engaging in retaliatory behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.

Procedures for Investigating Reports of Bullying

The building administrator/designee will begin the investigation of a report of bullying within one school day. This investigation will include an interview of the person(s) involved and a collection of the information that will determine the facts and seriousness of the report. Parents and/or guardians of all people involved in the bullying incident will be notified prior to the conclusion of the investigation. The District shall maintain confidentiality of the report and related student records to the extent required by law. The Bullying Investigation Form will be used.

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